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700 Images of Jesus and His Life
Chosen for their kid-friendliness and ability to illustrate the life, ministry and teachings of Jesus. Beautiful high resolution images, organized by verse on CD-ROM.

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How many times have you spent hours searching for the pictures of Jesus you need this week, only to find the quality was too poor, the image too small, or worse; you found nothing?

Imagine having 700 royalty free super high-quality picture choices, many for each subject, story or parable, all the right size, kid-friendly and all in full color. No more wasted time searching and editing.

Beautiful favorite pictures of Jesus from the Masters as well as many created by me to fill in those hard-to-find gaps. Cleaning, restoring and creating these images has been a labor of love, and you will be THRILLED when you see the quality and choices you now have right at your fingertips. All of these pictures of Jesus are in jpeg format, will not bear the watermark, and will work with all computer systems and print from any photo of graphics program.
See All Images for the Gospel of JOHN Pictures of Jesus Illustrating:

Marriage At Cana
Marriage at Cana

Jesus and

Jesus and Nicodemus

Jesus and the
Samaritan Woman

Jesus and the Samaritan Woman

Jesus Feeds the Five Thousand
Jesus feeds the 5000

Woman Taken in Adultery
Woman Taken in Adultery

Jesus The
Good Shepherd

The Good Shepherd

Jesus Washes Peters Feet
Jesus washes His disciples feet

The Crucifixion
I Thirst

I thirst

Christ and Mary

Christ and Mary Magdalene

200 New Images Just Added to
Total 700 Quality High Res Images

Do you recognize the stories depicted in this slideshow of new images? If you had to guess at any, don’t worry. All 700 images are labeled with names and Bible verse.

Artists include:
Giovanni Tiepolo, Carl Bloch, Bartolome, Murillo, Carlo Maratti, Albrecht Durer, Henry Ossawa Tanner, Francesco Hayez, James Tissot, Domenichino, Fra Angelico, El Greco, Gebhard Fugel, Vincent van Gogh, Hans Thoma, Botticelli, Leonardo da Vinci, Caravaggio, Peter Paul Rubens, Raphael, Philippe de Champaigne, Simon Vouet, Victor Vasnetsov, Ary Scheffer, Giotto, Giovanni Bellini, Cosimo Rosselli, Rembrandt, Tintoretto, Paolo Veronese, William Holman Hunt, Ford Madox Brown, WIlliam Blake, Eugene Delacroix, Benjamin West, William Hole
and many, many more.

See All Images for the Gospel of MATTHEW Pictures of Jesus Illustrating:

of the Magi
Journey of the Magi

Flight Into Egypt
Flight into Egypt

Killing of
the Innocents
Killing of the Innocents by Leon Cogniet

Baptism of Jesus
Baptism of Christ by artist Gagarin

Temptation of Jesus
Jesus Tempted in the wilderness

Jesus Calls Peter And Andrew
Jesus Calls Peter and Andrew

The Sermon on the Mount
Sermon on the Mount high resolution

of Jesus
Remove the Beam in Thine Own Eye

Centurion Servant Healed
Centurion Hears His Servant is Healed

Jesus in the Storm
Sea of Galilee
Jesus Stills the Tempest

Let the Children Come to Me
Let the Children Come to Me

Jesus and Peter
Walk on the Water
Jesus and Peter walk on water

Gentile Woman
of Canaan
Gentile Woman Daughter is Healed

Jesus Charge to Peter
Christ Charge to Peter, Veronese

The Transfiguration
Transfiguration by Raphael high resolution

Jesus and the Rich Young Ruler
Jesus and the Rich Young Ruler

Christ Entry Into Jerusalem
Jesus Entry Into Jerusalem

Jesus Cleansing the Temple
Jesus Cleanses the Temple by Carl Bloch

The Wise and Foolish Virgins
Parable of the Ten Virgins

Mary Anoints Jesus
She Anointed His Head

Last Supper
The Last Supper

Jesus In Garden of Gethsemane
Jesus Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane by Hofmann

By Judas
Kiss of Judas by Tissot

Jesus Before Pilate

Ecce Homo by Ciseri

The Scourging
of Jesus
Scourging of Jesus

See All Images for The Gospel of LUKE Pictures of Jesus Illustrating

Angel Visits
Angel Visits Zacharias

Angel Announces to
Angel Announces to Mary by William Blake

Mary Visits Elisabeth
Mary Visits Elisabeth

No Room in the Inn
No Room in the Inn

Annunciation to the
Annunciation to the Shepherds by Hondius

Birth of Jesus
The Nativity of Jesus

Presentation in the
Presentation in the Temple

Young Jesus
Grew Strong
Young Jesus

Jesus Among the
Jesus Among the Doctors

Miraculous Draught
of Fishes
Miraculous Draught of Fishes

Man with Palsy Lowered to Him
Man with Palsy Lowered to Jesus

Daughter of Jairus Raised From
the Dead
Daughter of Jairus Raised From the Dead

Woman with Issue
of Blood
Woman with Issue of Blood Touches Jesus Hem

The Good Samaritan
The Good Samaritan

Jesus, Mary and
Jesus, Mary and Martha

Parables Jesus Told
Parables Jesus Told

The Prodigal Son
The Prodigal Son

The Ten Lepers
The Ten Lepers

Pharisee and the
Pharisee and the Publican

Peter Denies Jesus
Peter Denies Christ Jesus

Jesus Before the
Jesus Before the Government

Jesus is Crucified
The Passion
Jesus is Crucified

The Death of Christ
The Death of Christ

Christ is Buried
Christ is Buried

He Is Risen!
He Is Risen

Three Marys
at the Tomb
Three Marys at the Tomb

Peter and John Race
to the Tomb
Peter and John Race to Tomb

Jesus on Road to
Jesus on Road to Emmaus

Supper at
Supper at Emmaus

The Ascension
Ascension of Christ

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You asked for it, and a year in the making later, it’s now available. 700 specially selected images chosen for their kid-friendliness and ability to illustrate the life, ministry and teachings of Jesus. Beautiful images, organized by verse in high resolution on CD-ROM.

700 Full Color High Resolution
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